Pedro Pablo de Antuñano. Sociologist.
Pedro Pablo de Antuñano. Sociologist.


  1. The agenda of the world’s most industrialized nations should focus on drastically eradicate the chains of accumulation generated by the trafficking of drugs, arms, people, pharmaceuticals and fossil fuels in order to re-found a sustainable planet based on the defense and promotion of first, second and third generation human rights.However, instead, the 8th and even the 20th governments controlled by their financial oligarchies have resolved to continue their furious march towards the extermination of many in order to preserve themselves as dominant classes.

    The intelligent Buildings-Cities, the virtual currency and the transhumanization that digitalizes and robotizes everything for a total control of the aggregate of individuals (consumers) in a global village.

    Viviane Forrester had already sentenced this in her essay The Economic Horror (1999 FCE) where today we no longer speak of an industrial reserve army (as posed by the old Marxism) but we now have wide layers of population of expendable, millions of people who will no longer serve even to be exploited in the course of their lives derived from the demographic explosion, the generalization of extreme poverty and the compaction of productive chains and markets.

    So we are facing a situation where it seems that the march of humanity will not stop until it purges itself to extinguish itself or to conquer outer space. Without endorsing conspiracy-paranoid theories.


  1. It is in this historical context and in this world concert that we find the Mexico of 2020.We are not abstracted from reality and we are not exempt from the negative effects of the deaths and economic crisis that the COVID19 will leave.

    It is a condition that was not in the script, which goes beyond the struggle of liberal opponents against conservatives or “PRIANISTAS” against “PRIMORENISTAS”, it is rather, we face a new unforeseen reality, more important than the popularity of the President and even more relevant than the opposition´s mood for electoral revenge.

    The COVID19 is knocking on our door to ask if we can respond as a nation or if we succumb as a set of interests that share the same territory.

    The pandemic and its repercussions will overtake us all if we do not take unitary, drastic and immediate measures.

    There is a medium consensus that we cannot face a new situation with an old recipe; the National Development Program was designed for a six-year period of comfortable hegemonic majority where the President would walk and win back Congress and most of the local legislatures and governorships in dispute in the 2021 mid-term election.

    Today, beyond the phrases and sayings, we do not know if there will be such elections and such voters, the lives of thousands of people are being threatened and that requires a serious and profound Emergency Plan that until today, the federal government does not want to give.

    We are not going to incorporate into this analysis the carnage that the right wing wants to provoke, trying to resurrect it by making a mockery of the controversial leadership of the President of the Republic in this special period; neither are we going to justify the mistakes, blunders and misprints that the government has had by disregarding the global context in order to protect its grandiloquent electoral majority, which today is irrelevant.

    It is precisely the struggle of opposites that allows for the dialectical synthesis that we will now discuss.

  1. Faced with the imminent entry into force of phase 3 of the health contingency, the paralysis of the SMEs and the consumer financial hang-ups will come; a scenario of violence, chaos and pillage is predicted in a fertile environment of 60 millions of people in poverty and an endangered middle class with no real conditions to climb in purchasing power and in the midst of great inequalities generated by an already identified financial oligarchy of 40 mega companies that evade and concentrate profits in each of the 72 branches of the economy.Not counting the contraction of remittances, tourism and the sale of crude oil. The immediate future is really worrisome enough to want to respond with 10,000 peso cards and simulated bureaucratic salary collections.

    Thus, we are going to explode and we cannot bet that the regression to the orthodox neoliberals is going to save us because it would be a suicide, besides, who could do it better? Slim, Alfaro, Dante, Calderón, Meade, I don’t think so; the reality is that we are surrounded by the same or the worst.

    But then what can we do with what we have? We can wait 9 months to see if AMLO was right and will generate the jobs he promised, to see if the Mayan train will give us the tourist engine in the middle of the descent of travelers; to see if the transisthmian train will give us the profits for the transfer of merchandise that the Panama Canal gave while the international markets contract or, if the new refinery will structurally resolve the price of gasoline independently of the dispute between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

    And of course, while seeing if with a social assistance card per poor family, and 10,000 pesos for 50,000 SMEs we can avoid the global economic recession, without production chains or domestic market.

    If the President’s repeated recipe works or not in the face of a new context, it is a bet that it should be charged in the mid-term elections of 2021, of course, as long as it is not too late to charge us among Mexicans, because there will be no elections or voters or anything. We may lose more lives in the famine than in the health crisis itself, but to say that the President kept his campaign promise not to get into debt is a good thing!

We can also take a leap into the immediate past and give in to the pressure of the rapacious minority that has plundered the country for decades and get into debt with the IMF, the World Bank or with our northern neighbors to save the “heads” of the productive chains and with it the almost 40,000 small and medium enterprises that contribute 52% of the GDP and generate 72% of the country’s employment.

In this way, we could fund private initiative, pawning the future of Mexicans who have not yet been born and who would be eternally indebted by the loans accumulated during the neoliberal period that dismantled all public companies and except for bankers, debtors and even entire families with loans at disadvantageous rates.

Excellent, all the voices that criticize the President today could be silenced with a good voice to applaud all the financial responsibility that should also be seasoned with the cancellation of the mega projects that are the emblem of the federal government, which would obviously be capitalized on by the right wing as a media electoral triumph, although we will never know if they were good ideas or not.

What a social equation we have in front of us. Each country is making the decisions that are rightfully its own, but in Mexico, the stability, governability and hegemony of a fictitious majority that today polarizes and seems not to agree on how to move forward in unity was lost in days.

  1. When the foolishness of those who only think for their saint and cause prevails, it is just the time for the voice of the patriots to emerge, who without asking anything in return, propose a sensible and reasoned way out to harmonize the struggle of the opposites and to move forward as a united people.Because what we are is a mosaic of voices and identities where we must march together and together and not one over the other.

    It is time to think globally and act locally. Let us be the progressive vanguard of the world with a new model of political, economic and social organization that faces this health emergency, that confronts the economic crisis and that outlines a path of national refoundation based on the future and not on the past.

    We have to throw the house out of the window and then throw the window out as well in order to re-found our nation and come out renewed and worthy of a world moment that is going to hit everyone equally.

    Then it is time to be audacious and disruptive with high conceptual, instrumental and methodological responsibility in order to free chaos, violence and rapine.

    In this sense, the proposal and conclusion is: Let’s have confidence in our elected authorities; let’s support those who need it the most and also shield our productive chains and our girls, medium and large companies; let’s also direct enough resources to hire doctors, nurses, stretcher bearers; let’s buy equipment and condition the hospitals for the emergency and even habilitate stadiums for such effects.

    All of this is administered by the army, as is the case with the presidential line, because civilians are completely overwhelmed and put the federal pact and the republic as a whole at risk.

    In other words, let’s not make the national reality a contradictory but complementary situation, and since everything really boils down to determining where 50 billion dollars (1 trillion pesos with 250 billion pesos) can be obtained without getting into debt with the multinational organizations and without simulating apocryphal collections among the bureaucracy.

    In a crisis, we must get rid of the sumptuary expenses, the superficial ones, which nobody would mind doing without.


Let us sacrifice those who are more in the way than helping, let us save on deputies, political parties and elections. They are useless in this crisis and we can find the resources for the emergency there.

Besides, there will be no one to defend them. Let’s leave only the current spending of grassroots workers in the 32 State Congresses, the Chamber of Senators and the Chamber of Deputies; the same treatment for the state and federal electoral institutes.

The economies generated in the nine months remaining in 2020 for these apparatuses could be redirected to the SHyCP to fund an Emergency Plan agreed upon by the CONASGO, the Business Chambers and the Parties; without national unity we will really be adrift.

We declare ourselves ready for the debate. If the political parties and the deputies that emanate from them want to go down in history as patriots, now is the time to show it, the rest is demagogy from the comfort of their salaries, diets and hidden budgets. The following table shows the technical and financial feasibility of the 2020 proposal:

If we take into account that 3 of the 12 months of the 2020 fiscal year have already been exercised in the 32 local congresses and we leave only 10% for basic workers and minimum operation expenses and we save the great luxuries, salaries and modules and per diems, we can immediately obtain 400 billion dollars.

With the same exercise in the 2 federal chambers (deputies and senators) we can save.

Under the same equation in the 32 state electoral institutes and the INE and the 10 games we’ve got to get them off their feet and that’s it.




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