Pedro Pablo de Antuñano. Sociologist.
Pedro Pablo de Antuñano. Sociologist.



Pedro Pablo de Antuñano has a degree in sociology with a specialty in political sociology and a diploma in public policy from UNAM-CEMEFI. Speaker at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil and author of 5 published books, 6 exhibited films, 4 discs and 4 plays.


  1. The synthesized chronology of the pandemic that plagues humanity (not the planet) is very intensive because of its exponential character.

    On December 31, 2019, the World Health Organization identified the first cases of what was then an atypical pneumonia, on January 1, 2020, the Wuhan seafood market (near Shanghai) in China was closed on the suspicion that animals could be the source of a new infection, on 7 January Chinese Health Authorities confirm the identification of a new coronavirus called COVID19, by 11 January of the same year, China reports 41 infected and the first death from effects related to this new virus.

    The rapid spread in neighboring countries such as Thailand and Japan was followed by 20 more countries, whose health systems collapsed when they were oversized by the number of infected, by March 11, 2020the World Health Organization declares a global pandemic and urges governments around the world to take measures to mitigate the negative effects and take action to mitigate COVID19’s contagions.

    From that day, until the publication of this article, there are 1 million infected and 40,000 dead in 194 countries paralyzed, implementing various measures to address the health crisis and trying to limit the economic crisis economic crisis that has affected the world today and will continue to do so.

    Faced with the growing numbers, citizens are proportionately shocked about the number of deaths in their nation, the truth is that collective hysteria is increasing and preventive measures ineffective, leading to an increasing prevalence.


  1. A virus, as far as the cellular and molecular theory is concerned, is a type of micro-organism composed of nucleic acid (which allows it to replicate) and proteins (which allows it to infect healthy cells).

    Viruses infect other organisms such as plants, animals, humans and even other viruses. However, they are not able to produce energy, which infers that they do not have the ability to metabolize or synthesize proteins, so, to replicate, it is necessary to parasitize a celland from there replicate to invade complex organisms.

    A very important issue regarding viruses, is that their origin is uncertain, is still a mysteryto experts in the field and although there are several hypotheses, there are three ideas generally accepted in schools, institutes and specialists learned in the field: a) Progressive origin, b) Regressive origin and c) Co-evolutionary origin, so far more than 5,000 different types of viruses have been discovered and studiedand all have different origins, it is possible that the three hypotheses may be valid simultaneously.

    The only thing we have certain is that there are no empirical elements to support conspiracy or pseudo-scientific theories warning about an artificial biological war initiated by humans. In this context, Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that are transmitted between humans and animals (so far) and cause or  aggravate serious conditions such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

    The Coronavirus as reported by WHO is a virus transmitted from an infected person to another through saliva droplets expelled by coughing or sneezing, touching or shaking hands, or by coming into contact with an object or surface contaminated with the virus and then touching their mouth, nose or eyes without washing their hands.

    Faced with this proven fact and the absence of a vaccine (until today) the WHO reiterates the importance of strengthen preventive measures such as frequent hand washing, avoid contact when greeting (preventive distance between people) and keep commonly used objects and surfaces clean to reduce the risk or spreading COVID19.

  2. Social distance is the responsible behavior that can keep us alive; keeping us at home, is the general consensus recommendation to contain the spread of the virus.

    But the meaning of this voluntary or forced action,it is perhaps the equation to be deciphered because it constitutes the expiration of capital as a concept, value and model of the organization that guide humanity.

    The anatomical homo-sapiens as modern behaviors, date from just 165,000 years ago when modern geologists and geophysics establish the Earth to be about 4,467 million years old, let’s say we are one of the new species on this planet, evolutionarily speaking. During these years, ourgregarious system of organizationwas founded on the basis of private property, the possession of goods and their reproduction and accumulation.

We’re not going to delve into the subject, in attention to the reader’s intelligence, but the above is masterfully embodied and conceptually proven in the works of the foundations of political science: Hobbes´s Leviathan, Rousseau´s Social Contract, Montesquieu´s Spirit of the Laws Machiavelli´s The Prince, The Capital of Marx, The Economy and Society of Weber, etc.

What I want to prove here is that all these years we have been function as an aggregate of individuals (communities and/or societies) on the basis of production as a paradigm of relationships between people, which brings thesiscollectively accepted as: “the story of humanity is the history of the struggle of its classes” “I am rich and powerful,  only in the eyes of other poor and unfortunate” “let do, letpass”, etc. All ideological currents are about possession, ownership and the types of relationships that flow from it.

Religions, as a whole claim the absence of earthly property in order toaspire to a full spiritual life, in contexts of peaceful civil resistance that have been endured for years to become archaic straitjackets for humanity. But what is all about? The entire capitalist or anti-capitalist paradigm and its “center” moderates, have seen their debate broken in the face of a single life-saving restriction in 2020 against COVID19: Kisses, hugs and
caresses are forbidden all over the world.

  1. The social function of the ABC system in humanity. This is not the braking system of s state-of the-art German car, it is really the fundamental bond, the cornerstone and the central link that holds humans together as an organized herd and that had been depreciated by the march of postmodernism.

    The humans affective system is manifested through Hugs, Kisses and Caresses (ABC), is the mechanism through which the social “synapse” called “empathy” is produced, which can be disaggregated but that in general terms ensures the individual belongs to the various belts of socialization such as family, peers and work, the latter makes us different from the rest of primates of our species.

    Several behavioral studies have shown that the absence of exercise from the ABC system limits the cognitive capacity to differentiate the “good from the bad”,that is, in colloquial terms, for example that humans who during childhood were not hugged, kissed and lovingly caressed by adults who were to supposed to take care of them, usually develop sociopathic or
    psychotic behaviors that  derive in concrete antisocial behaviors such as homicide.


That is why if, as a spontaneous measure, the prohibition of exercising the ABC system of people results in depression, aggression or anxiety, which is normal as long as we are deprived of belonging to a social environment with rules and values agreed collectively, which translates into social pacts called “laws”.

  1. Just as bees pollinate and the course of complete ecosystems depends on it, the permanence f our collective links depends on our social synapse.

    In this way, today we find ourselves afraid of dying infected with COVID19, locked in our homes and distant from oneanother in order to survive. We find ourselves with our jewels, cars and houses, with our positions, titles and properties but without being able to go out and be truly human, because domination only exists, in front of the eyes of the other.

    This is the fall of capital as a fundamental bond in people’s relationship, because we have just discovered that it is not the “likes” or domination or the accumulation of objects that allows us to belong to our community, it is just another scale of values that we have forgotten and that only emerges in earthquakes, hurricane and natural disasters which keeps us together as people, as thoughtful and emotionally linked individuals.

    The only thing that makes us humans, it is the bonds of brotherhood, love, respect and solidarity, and it is these bonds that have only one way of being demonstrated, and that is with Hugs, Kisses and Caresses.

    That is why the human survivors of this pandemic must rebuild a system of political, economic and social organization based on the scale of values that makes us just that, human.

    We cannot continue to preserve (or graduate)the scandalous levels of concentration of wealth that exist today, we cannot prioritize the acquisition of goods over enjoying the beings that
    we love and allow us to belong to this command called humanity, that is why when we find the cure for COVID19, the first thing that  hay to replace is those millions of hugs, kisses, and caresses that we have stopped giving these months and being who we are: people.

    We must banish the cruel way in which humans treat humans and their environment, in other words, a more humane humanity claims us organized on another scale of values. The world will not be the same as before after the COVID19.





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